130710 RC Gliding1

We arrived at our Squadron Headquarters at 19.00hrs on the 10th July for quick departure to head to our Flying site near Ipswich. Civilian Instructor Causon drove us to the site and we turned into a large field ready to start our remote control gliding. Three Cadets went Cadet Branton, Cdt Castle and myself. Civilian Instructor Peter Castle, then showed us the glider we would be flying. It was a lot bigger than expected and as it cost a lot of money, we hated the thought of crashing it, although we did end up doing some accidental barrel rolls! We also had a go at flying some powered mini aircraft which would seem easier to fly but as it was a fairly windy night and Cdt Castle managed to crash one into a neighbouring field. We eventually finished the gliding and returned to the squadron around 21.00hrs. All in all it was a very fun evening and I would recommend it to anyone.

Cadet Lee


 130717 RC Gliding1

On Wednesday 17th July three cadets including myself travelled to the flying field on the outskirts of Ipswich where we went remote control gliding and flying. We met up at the Squadron HQ at approximately 19:00hrs. When we arrived at the airfield Cadet Swain and myself were talked through the basics of flying the glider by Civilian Instructor Peter Castle, while Cadet Prior was getting ready to fly the powered aircraft. We took it in turns to fly each aircraft getting about ten to fifteen minutes a turn. We also saw other RC aircraft; for example a petrol-powered helicopter that cost about five and a half thousand pounds! Overall it was an enjoyable evening and we even managed some accidental aerobatics and better yet, no crashes!

Cdt Stanbridge


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