130622 Gliding 1My day started at seven o’clock in the morning on Saturday 22nd June, we had to meet at the Squadron Headquarters where we were to get taken to Wethersfield Airfield in Essex. 614 Gliding Squadron ATC briefed us on how to put on a parachute and use some of the instruments on the ATC Viking glider, like the altimeter, we then had to take the gliders down to the control caravan (which is a make shift airfield control tower) where we would get winched up.


After waiting for the bad weather to clear up the cadets finally had the chance to get up in the air. Then it was my turn, the first winch up was amazing it was like a fun fair ride. We accelerated from 0-60 in about three seconds!! The instructor had to keep the aircraft under control whilst climbing, so once I was up in the air it was great! The view was spectacular but for my first launch I just got used to being in the air. On my second launch I took control of the control column and practiced pitch (making the aircraft go up or down). On my third flight I used to peddles to practice yaw (making the aircraft go side to side) and on my fourth flight I was putting the aircraft back on the datum attitude (putting the aircraft back on course). By the end of the day I had passed my Gliding Introduction Course Level One and Level Two!! I found the day really exiting and educational and also really fun, one of my best experiences.

130622 Gliding 2

I would also like to thank the staff who arranged the day and especially Mr. CI Causon for taking us all the way to Wethersfield.



By Cdt Nick Swain.




130622 Gliding Cdt Barkes  130622 Gliding Cdt Coleman

Cadet Barkes and Cadet Coleman


130622 Gliding Cdt Poffley  130622 Gliding Cdt Swain

Cadet Poffley and Cadet Swain


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