130512 Wing Athletics Medal Winners


On Sunday we attended an inter-squadron athletics competition at Northgate High School in Ipswich. It was an early start as we were at the Squadron Headquarters at 0830hrs and we went to Northgate from there. It was a great day and we all had lots of fun. We did quite well Eleven cadets attended and we won 5 medals overall:

      • Gold in the 200m – Sergeant Sophie Lee-Pearson
      • Gold in the 100m – Sergeant Sophie Lee-Pearson
      • Silver in the Long Jump – Cadet Toby Jackets
      • Bronze in the Discus – Corporal Luke Hammond
      • Bronze in the 800m – Cadet Chloe Coleman


130512 Wing Athletics DSC 0757  130512 Wing Athletics DSC 0760

130512 Wing Athletics DSC 0766  130512 Wing Athletics DSC 0768


I, Cadet Jackets, came 2nd in the class B Long Jump and jumped 4:64m and I then went on to do Javelin where I came 6th.


130512 Wing Athletics DSC 0771   130512 Wing Athletics DSC 0782


The Final parade was good apart from the rain but it was still good to watch. There was a good atmosphere all day as everyone supported each other. Everyone cheered each other on, which was nice. Knowing that everyone was behind me when I was doing my events.


130512 Wing Athletics DSC 0780  130512 Wing Athletics DSC 0770  130512 Wing Athletics DSC 0786


The best thing that happened that day was watching Sergeant Lee-Pearson destroy everyone else in 200m and then do a Usain Bolt pose at the end.


130512 Wing Athletics DSC 0833


130512 Wing Athletics DSC 0803  130512 Wing Athletics DSC 0811

130512 Wing Athletics DSC 0841


 All in all it was a great day and I would definitely do it again next year.


Cadet Toby Jackets


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