20130505 Thorpeness Walk Prior CPL Arnold Lee H Stanbridge CI Buxton Branton


Cadets Prior, Cpl Arnold, Lee, H Stanbridge, Civilian Instructor Buxton, Cdt Branton

On the 5th May we had to be down at the squadron by 0830hrs to catch the minibus to Saxmundham Rugby Club for a 1000hrs, the start of the walk. When we got there we were told we could only do thirteen miles because we are too young, I took this as an insult as a week before I had done Warma which was fifty miles over two consecutive days. It was a nice sunny day.

When we started there were lots of the public around us but we soon charged past them and were on our way to the first drink stop which was right by Sizewell and Sizewell beach.

The stretch down Sizewell was either with wild flowers round both sides of the track or a marsh to one side and sand to walk on (sand is hard to walk on with cadet boots on your feet). After that stretch on the beach we had a quick break and were then off again for another stretch, which was on a nice foot path surrounded by wild flowers. The wild flowers were very common as you would always see them on the walk.

At the next stop it was nice to drink the water which was provided by the nice local public. The next stretch was through the woods which was nice as it was in the shade and it was about 1245hrs. We then stopped and had lunch and then continued on to the last stretch which with everyone joking and laughing went very quickly. At the end we received our medals and all got bacon rolls which CI Buxton kindly paid for.

All in all a lovely day and a nice walk.


Cdt Branton


20130505 Thorpeness Walk Prior Lee H Stanbridge CPL Arnold Branton CI Buxton



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