130323 Wg Fld Winning Team

On the weekend of 22nd – 24th Mar 2013, Air Cadets from 28 Squadrons of Norfolk and Suffolk Wing competed in the annual Wing Field Competition. Each Sqn sent in teams of 8 cadets to compete for the trophy and the knowledge that they have been crowned the best Squadron in the Wing.

Competing in numerous events such as Obstacle course, Shooting, Orienteering, First aid and Leadership Exercises, the 8 Cadets from 356 Felixstowe Squadron and came first in Aircraft Recognition, 3rd in First Aid, winning a medal for the former event. For coming first in Aircraft Recognition the Team won the illustrious Sunshine Cup.

130323 Wg Fld DSCN0902  130323 Wg Fld DSCN0903  130323 Wg Fld DSCN0910

Following the individual event awards the moment arrived when the Top Three positions were announced. In Third place was 863 (Thurston) Sqn. Second place went to our training buddies and close rivals 432 (Woodbridge) Sqn, and after a tense pause from the Wing Commander Miller, Officer Commanding Norfolk and Suffolk Wing, first place went to 356 (Felixstowe) Squadron. Twenty years since they last one it! The result of first and second is a reversal of last year.

  130323 Wg Fld DSCN0876  130323 Wg Fld DSCN0892

130323 Wg Fld DSCN0895  130323 Wg Fld DSCN0898 

130323 Wg Fld sniper team Alpha  130323 Wg Fld sniper team bravo  130323 Wg Fld sniper team charlie

130323 Wg Fld Snow Settling  130323 Wg Fld IMGP8536  130323 Wg Fld Windy


The Cadet Team lead by Flight Sergeant Jenna Walker accepted the awards and Trophy with beaming smiles, elated at coming first in this hard fought event. ‘Second last year and first this year. ’ said Jenna ‘ the team has worked hard, trained hard and all that effort has paid off. I’d like to thank the Staff from the Sqn for all their hard work and time they have given up in training us’.


130323 Wg Fld DSCN0923  130323 Wg Fld DSCN0917  130323 Wg Fld DSCN0918


 Flying Officer Andrew Garrett – Officer Commanding 356 (Felixstowe) Sqn was overjoyed at the final result. ‘The team delivered. They set themselves a target on what they expected to achieve, and they delivered it. It’s going to cost me a fortune! The team have shown determination and enthusiasm, worked well together, and in doing so, have helped to secure first place in this weekend of non-stop activities. I have been at the Sqn for 5 years, and I have watched them move up the standings every year, and this is the pinnacle. I would like to say a big well done to the cadets who competed in this event, the staff who made it happen and especially to 432 Sqn, our training partners, who were worthy runners up.’


130323 Wg Fld IMGP8542  130323 Wg Fld IMGP8536  130323 Wg Fld IMGP8544

130323 Wg Fld IMGP8549  130323 Wg Fld IMGP8557  130323 Wg Fld IMGP8573

130323 Wg Fld IMGP8581  130323 Wg Fld IMGP8587  130323 Wg Fld IMGP8595

  130323 Wg Fld IMGP8609  130323 Wg Fld IMGP8601  130323 Wg Fld IMGP8608

130323 Wg Fld SAM 2088  130323 Wg Fld SAM 2110  130323 Wg Fld SAM 2123

130323 Wg Fld SAM 2125  130323 Wg Fld trophies  130323 Wg Fld Team Presentation


130323 Wg Fld Winning TeamPictured The cadet winning team -

Cpl Arnold, Sgt Fletcher, Sgt Bearcroft, Cpl Adams, Sgt AdamsCpl PrinceFlt Sgt Walker and Sgt Leigh-Pearson.

The Presentations were made by - Wing Commander Miller - Officer Commanding Norfolk & Suffolk Wing.


Well Done to all who took part or helped, what a result !!



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