MOD Woodbridge Camp

DSCN0701 Fieldcraft camp 121012

My experience of MOD Woodbridge was good fun as it was my first field craft camp. I was quite nervous at the start but I soon overcame the nerves. Thank you to all the Officers, Staff & NCOs for a great weekend.

To give you the best insight I have written a list of things we did;


Friday night 12 October 2012;

  • 19:00 I arrived at squadron HQ. Met up with 432 Woodbridge Sqn and 188 Ipswich Sqn.
  • 20:00 Arrival at Woodbridge airfield and a briefing on the rules and regulations. Then we put up the tents.
  • 21:00 We were all put into teams for the weekend and started the nights exercise. The objective involved sneaking around the airfield trying to capture blue glow sticks that represented aircraft information whilst staff where patrolling round in vehicles.
  • 01:00 Ended night exercise and had some well deserved sleep. After Alpha team winning.


DSCN0649 Fieldcraft camp 121012 DSCN0650 Fieldcraft camp 121012 DSCN0651 Fieldcraft camp 121012

DSCN0652 Fieldcraft camp 121012 DSCN0653 Fieldcraft camp 121012 DSCN0654 Fieldcraft camp 121012


Saturday Morning 13 October 2012;

  • 06:00 Woke up and did a bit of running and then issued with ration packs for the day.
  • 08:00 Training next. Started with First aid then Field Craft and then Radio.
  • 12:00 Had lunch from ration packs and started an exercise where we had to spy on the Officers and Staff and covertly observe and record the times and the things they did. Bravo Team won.
  • 15:30 Finished the exercise and back onto the bus. Suddenly it stopped (to simulate ambush) and we all got out and were put into our teams to get back to the camp unseen.
  • 17:00 Got back to camp had dinner and started getting ready for night exercise.
  • 21:00 Started night exercise, the objective was to get the dummy bombs. After getting the bombs we had to approach the old building, were we were meant to bomb on the way to the house. Our team accidentally mistook a Duke of Edinburgh camp for the objective. Whoops !! Still they were dummy bombs !!
  • 01:00 End of Exercise and time for bed.


DSCN0657 Fieldcraft camp 121012  DSCN0658 Fieldcraft camp 121012  DSCN0662 Fieldcraft camp 121012

DSCN0665 Fieldcraft camp 121012 DSCN0666 Fieldcraft camp 121012 DSCN0670 Fieldcraft camp 121012


Sunday 14 October 2012;

  • 07:00 Woke up to do some running and then had breakfast.
  • 09:00 Went to see some men who were flying remote control model jets / helicopters my favourite was the helicopter because it was really twitchy and agile whilst flying.
  • 12:00 Had lunch, ration packs, and then started an exercise were the objective was to catch staff members and take the dummy bombs off them.
  • 14:00 Took all the tents down and packed up closely followed by a bit of archery.
  • 16:00 Had camp photograph and dropped off back to our Squadron HQ.


DSCN0683 Fieldcraft camp 121012 DSCN0684 Fieldcraft camp 121012 DSCN0685 Fieldcraft camp 121012

DSCN0689 Fieldcraft camp 121012 DSCN0690 Fieldcraft camp 121012

DSCN0696 Fieldcraft camp 121012

A Good Camp..


by CDT Nick Swain



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