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On the Evening of the 29th August 2012 our Padre the Reverend Ken Martin Retired from No.356 (Felixstowe) Squadron after Sixteen plus years on the Squadron.

The evening was attended by members of Norfolk & Suffolk Wing, Wing Commander D. Miller (Norfolk & Suffolk Wing Commander), Squadron Leader G. Deere, Wing Chaplain R. Tuck and members of No.356 (Felixstowe) Squadron with members of No. 1334 (Manningtree) Squadron. Reverend Ken Martin attended the evening with his wife, Doreen. The Wing Chaplain R. Tuck gave a speech giving his thanks to Ken for his services to the Corps and concluded with the Regional Commandants Commendation. A presentation of an ATC Picture and Squadron badge was awarded to Ken.

Ken has put a lot of time and effort into the Corps and lots can be said but the words of the Commendation I think will help you to understand the key role Ken paid.

We all wished Ken the best with his retirement and will welcome him back on any visits to the Squadron !!


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Recommendation for the Regional Commandant’s Commendation

The Reverend Kenneth Martin had been an Honorary Squadron Chaplin for No.356 (Felixstowe) Squadron for over 16years, in addition he has also provided a chaplaincy support for 1334 (Manningtree) Squadron who have been without a dedicated Honorary Squadron Chairman for a number of years. During his service with the Corps, Reverend Martin has given truly outstanding and inspirational support and service to his cadets and staff which is worthy of commendation. Not only has he supported his cadets and staff at their units but he has willingly and enthusiastically attended a number of RAF camps where his unfailing good humour and ability to make people smile has been welcomed and cherished. Despite the tremendous pressures of his own demanding ministry in the Port of Felixstowe, he has worked tirelessly and diligently to meet the pastoral, spiritual and moral needs of his cadets and staff. To achieve this, Reverend Martin has selflessly devoted many hours of his own precious time and there can be no doubt whatsoever that without his active and caring contribution, the cadets and staff serving on both Felixstowe and Manningtree Squadrons would be much the poorer. Reverend Martin is a fine example of those who give freely of their time and efforts for the benefit of others without seeking any reward; his selfless and impressive dedication to the cadets and staff of No.356 (Felixstowe) Squadron and No.1334 (Manningtree) Squadron has been both inspirational and of enormous benefit in their development.

It is therefore strongly recommended that Reverend Kenneth Martin be awarded the Regional Commandant’s Personal Commendation in recognition of his truly outstanding commitment and contribution to the cadets and staff of Felixstowe and Manningtree ATC Squadrons.


R. Tuck

Norfolk & Suffolk Wing Chaplain.

February 2012


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Remarks by Officer Commanding Norfolk & Suffolk Wing

The role of a Squadron Chaplain is a busy and demanding one which frequently goes unrewarded. I therefore take great pleasure in fully supporting this recommendation that Reverend Kenneth Martin’s impressive contribution to the cadets and staff of No.356 (Felixstowe) Squadron and No.1334 (Manningtree) Squadron be formally recognised. Reverend Martin is well-known, well-liked and well-respected member of this Wing who has dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the moral, spiritual and pastoral care of his cadets and staff. I therefore have no hesitation whatsoever in supporting the Wing Chaplains recommendation that the Reverend Kenneth Martin’s outstanding contribution to the Felixstowe and Manningtree Squadrons be formally recognised by the award of the Regional Commandant’s Personal Commendation.


A Hipperson

Wing Commander


Officer Commanding Norfolk & Suffolk Wing

28 February 2012

(Note: Wing Commander A. Hipperson was the Norfolk & Suffolk Wing Commander at the time of the Award).


 MG6922 Kens presentation 356Sqn ATC


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