DSCN0223 120610 Thetford Range Shoot  DSCN0231 120610 Thetford Range Shoot

We started the day by waking up very early to travel to the gallery range at Thetford on 10th June 2012.

Corporal Nathan Walker, Cpl Josh Mays and myself had a really enjoyable day shooting at pop up targets at 200metres. We also went “behind the scenes” at the range controlling the targets and marking them out for the next detail. The staff made sure we were working safely. My favourite part of the day was firing the L98A2 Cadet GP rifle, which is a semi- automatic variant to the L85A2 which is part of the SA80 family. The rifle has considerably more re-coil than the .22 No.8 Rifle that we normally use. Later on in the day we watched the staff fire the L81 Full bore Rifle which is really accurate.


A good Day.

Corporal Alex Fletcher


DSCN0224 120610 Thetford Range Shoot Fg Off A Garrett  DSCN0226 120610 Thetford Range Shoot



DSCN0227 120610 Thetford Range Shoot  DSCN0229 120610 Thetford Range Shoot


  DSCN0230 120610 Thetford Range Shoot  DSCN0236 120610 Thetford Range Shoot



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