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In the week before half term, 16th-26th October 2014, I went to Cyprus with the Air cadets.

I went with four other cadets and one staff member from Norfolk and Suffolk Wing. Cadets from the other Wings within our Region, Central and East came, as well as cadets from Scotland and Northen Ireland Region.

On Wednesday 16th October we hopped on the little minibus to the airport, and although the driver rushed as fast as he could (without breaking the speed limit of course) we were late for the plane and therefore missed the flight, then there was a lot of phone calls, eventually ending up with Air Commodore Dawn McCaffterty, the Commandant of the Air Cadets, on the phone to Monarch Airlines trying to sort some flights out. Monarch were very good and said that we could get the next day’s flight at a reasonable price. So, we climbed back into the minibus to head for home for the night. Cadet Sergeant Ray’s mum then suggested that we stay at theirs for the night. Therefore decreasing the time taken to get to the airport, so we did – Thank You…

The next day we eventually arrived at the airport, two hours early, and checked in. The flight itself wasn’t too long we arrived in Cyprus within 4 ½ hours, arriving at Lanarca Airport at about 9:30hrs. Then followed a two hour drive to Troodos, not forgetting to stop at McDonalds in the mountains of Cyprus, not too far from Mount Olympus.

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We woke up the day morning and met up with the rest of the cadets, I was assigned to ‘D’ Flight. That day we had planned a series of exercises within the Troodos Camp and it was the only day where we didn’t go off camp. That day we did a series of exercises including Police checks, camouflaging a vehicle, making a stretcher out of two poles and shirts and lots of other exercises. On the Sunday we went to a waterpark in Ayia Napa, which was really good fun and we had the whole day there followed by tea at the canteen.

On the Monday we went to RAF Akrotiri Airfield, and had a series of exercises planned out in the morning and RAF Section visits in the afternoon. In the evening we had some down time and then went to bed.

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On Tuesday we went to Akrotiri beach, one of the only RAF stations to have its own beach. We then did some inter flight raft building that afternoon.

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On the Wednesday we went to Nicosia which is the Capital, we went to the UN Buffer Zone, which was really interesting and there will definitely be some pictures on that, if you ever have time look up the conflict of Cyprus in the 70s. We then went to an amazing restaurant with a pool and spent most of the afternoon there.

On the Thursday we went to RAF Akrotiri to see the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Team and watched some IED’s being diffused which was really interesting. After that we were lucky to go clay pigeon shooting! It was really good fun, I managed to score a 7/10 and that was at one of the harder shooting points. We then went to a back to Troodos.

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On the Friday we travelled to RAF Akrotiri for some more section visits, then went on to Paphos for shopping, eventually boarding a boat and went for a boat trip up the coast. The Captain of the vessel did stop the boat for a bit so we could all jump off the back and go for a swim! We were jumping through hoops it was a great way to end our trip to Cyprus! That evening we went to a restaurant and had a farewell dinner, which was a really nice way to end, what seemed to me to be, a perfect week.

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On the Saturday we made sure we had everything packed up ready to go and then headed off for our final excursion! A trip to a waterpark! We stayed at the park until about four, and then left to go to Paphos where we were picking up our transport to the airport. We arrived early for our nine o’clock flight but it was delayed until twelve. We waited at the airport until one o’clock when we finally had an update... our flight was cancelled and would actually not depart until three o’clock - tomorrow. The Airline said they would put us up in accommodation, but the hotel they had booked had double booked therefore we had to sleep on the pavement outside the hotel for 1½ hours, then we moved into the lobby to sleep for another 1hour… Eventually we went to another hotel where we slept for the rest of the night, or what was left of it.

That morning we spent are time in the hotel swimming pool and then headed off to the airport for our flight. This time all was Ok and we boarded for our filthy back to blighty arriving in the UK at about six o’clock. Soon after we heading home to sleep in our own beds!

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Overall it was a really enjoyable week! I made some great friends and had some incredible experiences and would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Cadet Sergeant Nat Adams


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