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 356 Felixstowe Squadrons Flight Sergeant Sophie Leigh-Pearson, as part of her duties as Lord Lieutenants Cadet for Suffolk, was on hand at the 2014 Suffolk Show on the 29th May 2014 to provide escort for HRH Prince Harry.


“<Quote from Sophie>”.

It started off that we drew straws as to who got the Prince’s car door, turned out that I managed to get that piece of straw! In the picture, I am going up for a salute, not a high five or a slap – Promise! He gave me a little smile after he got out and then carried on to where he was meant to be. Lord Tollemache, the Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk, also came over and told me how smart I looked and said that ‘you can't always be on Ascension Island’.

We had a parade just after lunch where myself and the other three cadets, ACF(Army), CCF(Combined) and Sea Cadet, were standing on either side of the podium. After this we had a few hours to roam around the the Suffolk Show itself.

140529 SShow Prince Harry1

At around 3pm Prince Harry, had finished his tour of the Show and it was time for the farewell. We switched around so that the other two cadets that weren’t on the prince’s car when he arrived were there to open the door for him. It was here that after we saluted him, he came over and had a quick chat with the Sea Cadet and myself. He seemed very happy to have been at the show and asked us how we were and what we doing after the he had left. He also said that he had a good time and we all looked extremely smart. It was very nice to meet him and he was a pleasure to talk too. He then shook our hands and went in his Discovery to the screaming oh ‘Harry! Harry!’ from all the girls behind his car.

Lord and Lady Tollemache came up to us and further congratulated us on the day and how smart we looked. Overall, it was a fantastic day and a once in a life time opportunity to meet him the prince.

Written: Flight Sergeant Sophie Leigh-Pearson


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