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Saturday 11th January 2014

Our gliding for the day was held at MDP Wethersfield. It started out as a very misty day and in the morning we were slightly worried we may not get a launch. However we were told that a small gap in the weather may develop between the Low cloud at the start of the day and the high winds and gusts at the end of the day. At around midday the weather cleared up and we were ready to fly!

As this was my first time flying in a glider (a Grob Viking - as the Air Cadets calls them) I was incredibly nervous but as I found out there was nothing to worry about. The views the exceptional and even though it wasn't the warmest or clearest of days Corporal Jacklin, Cadet Swain and myself all had an amazing day.

It was overall a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who has the chance. You never know I might be able to fly solo with an Air Cadet Scholarship somtime soon, and its not unknown to go solo before I even pass my driving test - No now thats a thought !!

Cadet Lee.


140111 Gliding IMG 1061  140111 Gliding IMG 1062

Pre - Flight Briefing

140111 Gliding IMG 1063


  140111 Gliding IMG 1065  

Cadet Lee (Can't Wait to get up!!)


  140111 Gliding IMG 1066  

Cadet Swain (Looking Good!!)


  140111 Gliding IMG 1068  

Corporal Jacklin (Briefing Complete!!)


  140111 Gliding IMG 1075  140111 Gliding IMG 1076 

Cadet Lee - Getting Ready for the Off....


  140111 Gliding IMG 1073  140111 Gliding IMG 1074 

And Safely Back to Terra Firma !!


  140111 Gliding IMG 1077  

Cadet Lee and a smile that stayed for ages !!!

Great time had by all - Looking forward to the Summer trips and those thermals.



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