Corps Hockey

On Friday 22nd February I travelled up by train to RAF Cosford to participate in a hockey match to represent the whole of the Air Training Corps.

The journey took roughly six hours there and back. We stayed the night in the barrack blocks on the base. On the 23rd we woke up early and headed to the Junior’s Mess where we ate a full breakfast, and then went and played the game. The ATC played against the Veterans of both men and women; we were not expected to win as we had not before and had only ever drawn in previous years. However, we scored six goals and they scored three.

Leaving us to celebrate our win which had not happened in years! I scored three out of the six and thoroughly enjoyed the two days I spent there.

I was awarded the Air Training Corps Blue - One of the hightest awards in sport, in the Corps.


Sergeant Sophie Leigh-Pearson